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When did my obsession with quilting begin? I honestly can't say. I've just always found them so beautiful. The organized patterns of shapes and colors, the swirls and designs of the quilting, the warmth of snuggling up with one on a cold day. I'm pretty sure my first introduction to piecing a quilt top was way back in high school. At the risk of dating myself, it was the era of double-knit. Our neighbor (who, at the time, I thought was elderly - HA! - she was probably younger than I am now!) gave me a bag chock full of little squares she had cut from her fabric remnants. I had a wonderful time piecing all those squares together - completely scrappy and mismatched. But how relaxing and satisfying! Unfortunately, I never did put a backing on it or quilt it. It disappeared somewhere in time, but I can still see it clearly in my mind. Fast forward about 30 years. I finally had an opportunity to take a quilting class at a local shop. That's it! Hooked for life! Simple 9-Patch and Rail Fence blocks. Add a couple of borders. A treasure is created!

I am amazed at the intricate designs that can be made with simple geometric shapes. It's like putting together a neatly arranged puzzle. For anyone who thinks they can't do it - don't be discouraged. Step by step, take your time, you'll get it. It took me years to get started, but only one beginner quilt to get me hooked!

Thought for the day: Sewing each day keeps the crazy away!

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